AZA Presentation 2013

December 30, 2013

Telling the whole story at AZA 2013…or not?

AZA 2013 was packed with great sessions and information so you may have missed the poster created by Ellie Byrom-Haley President of Gecko Group and Christine Korhnak, Education Manager at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

This poster evolved out of a workshop we conducted at AZA’s Mid-Year Meeting this year and the continuing conversation at the Annual Meeting was lively and informative.

The proposal abstract Submitted to AZA:

Zoos and Aquariums conduct groundbreaking research in animal and habitat protection, are leaders in the field of conservation, and were the first to implement sustainability as a sound business practice.

Yet, many visitors still view them only as entertainment venues or places that cage animals. We need to do a better job of telling our stories, the whole story to include research, conservation and sustainability activities that are taking place on daily basis and impacting species lives, human lives and the planet.

This poster presentation is the launching point for a discussion about how to better tell our whole story – across 8 major strategic areas.

Want your very own copy of the poster? Contact Ellie at

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