Grants for Websites, Mobile Apps, Touch Screen Interactives, Games and Virtual Tours/Environments

January 04, 2018

NEH Digital Media Grant

If you would like to pursue this grant let’s talk about your digital media project.  Gecko Group can help you develop a work-plan to meet the requirements of the NEH grant application. 

Receipt Deadline June 6, 2018 for Projects Beginning December 2018


This grant is for the development of websites, mobile applications, virtual tours, interactive touch screen kiosks, games, and virtual environments. The grant is geared towards developing an exclusively digital component of a larger project, such as an exhibit.

The grant program offers three levels of funding:

  1. Discovery and early-stage planning work
  2. Prototyping and development of the proof-of-concept
  3. Production and distribution

Goals and requirements of the digital media project should be:

  • Expand the public understanding of significant humanities stories and ideas
  • Must involve humanities scholars in all phases of development and production. IE: You
  • Include digital media professionals. IE: Gecko Group
  • Have a comprehensive and realistic plan fulfillment/production, marketing, and distribution
  • Demonstrate the scalable longterm goals to sustain the project over time
  • See the full guidelines from the NEH website here

Program Statistics ( From The Website )

In the last five competitions, the Media Projects: Development Grants program received an average of 42 applications. The program made an average of three grants per competition, for a funding ratio of 7 percent.

The number of applications to an NEH grant program can vary widely from competition to competition, as can the funding ratio. Information about the average number of applications and awards in recent competitions is meant only to provide historical context for the current competition. Information on the number of applications and awards in individual competitions is available from

Visit the NEH Website for more information on this grant opportunity. Click Here for the NEH Website 

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