How to Apply for The NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities) Grant Programs

January 10, 2018

Finding Opportunities

The NEH has dozens of grant programs developed to help fund museums and educational institutions.  The goal of these grants is to provide the public with access to cultural and educational resources by giving institutions the funding necessary to develop them.

The NEH website was developed to help find and submit requests for grants.

Below are the steps and tips to get the process started

Step 1: Find a NEH Grant Program

Check the website for programs that match your project. The grants cater to a  variety of typical project types, all of which are listed here: NEH Match Your Program


Step 2: Grant Requirement Review

Once your program type is selected you can review the “grant overview” to see if your project fits the general requirements.

Tip: There are statistics at the bottom of the overview with metrics relating to: total applicants, total grants awarded and the overall acceptance rate. These metrics are informative as to the competitiveness of each grant.

Tip: You can speak to a Program Officer and learn more about the NEH grant programs by reaching out to them directly.

Contact NEH’s Division of Research Programs at 202-606-8200 or Applicants who are deaf or hard of hearing can contact NEH via Federal Relay (TTY users) at 800-877-8399.


Step 3: Begin Your Application

The NEH website makes it very easy to find all the resources necessary to apply. The application, budget instructions, sample budget, FAQ’s and more are all accessible in the right sidebar.

Tip: There are sample proposals which show strong examples of how each question should be successfully answered.  Users may also see which applicants have gained funding to give more examples of which projects have been awarded in the past.

Sample Budget ExampleSample-budget-january-2018

Sample Budget Information/Instructions: NEH Budget Informatino and Instructions

Tip: The NEH website has resources to help better understanding their policies

What to Expect After Submission

After you submit your application, you will get up to five emails from confirming submission of your application. Check your junk folder in case the message is flagged or filtered to spam.

Email 1: You will get a tracking number  with the subject line “ Submission Receipt.”

Email 2: You will get an email after your application is validated by, who will then send to NEH

Email 3: This message is a confirmation that NEH has received the grant application

Email 4: NEH assigns its own application number then informs of the application number that it has
assigned. The fourth email will contain this NEH application number.

Email 5: Once NEH reviews and approves the application they send a message to confirming approval. updates the applicant (you) upon the approval.  The subject line of the message will
include the words “ Agency Notes Assigned for Application.”

If the application is not approved, a message will be sent out with errors and requested updates to re-submit for approval.


Video: Tips for Applying to the National Endowment for the Humanities Grants

Video Description

In this video, Mary Downs and Jesse Johnston, both Senior Program Officers at the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), share some suggestions and tips for applying for NEH grants and writing successful grant applications to federal agencies. Some of the topics covered include: the importance of having a detailed work plan in place, how to form appropriate expertise teams, how to better think about your project’s long-term sustainability, and addressing NEH’s evaluation criteria. 


Gecko Group Can Help

The requirements to get each grant always include a detailed work plan. Gecko Group has successfully helped many entities gain funding for their projects. If you have a project you would like to pursue, Gecko Group can help you create a work plan to meet the requirements and gain funding.

Contact Us now to open a discussion about your project

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