Wayfinding for Exhibits Series

August 13, 2018

This series was developed to inform and educate on the topic of wayfinding in exhibits.

From developing the experience to tracking the results, each article touches on a specific aspect of exhibit wayfinding.  Is your wayfinding meeting best practices, or are your visitors getting lost? These articles will help you understand the answer to these questions.

Wayfinding Within Your Exhibition

Exhibits aspire to immerse the visitor in the environment – which often becomes counter-intuitive to navigating the physical space. Do exhibit developers and designers think of wayfinding last or not at all?

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Evaluation Metrics and Research of Exhibits and Wayfinding

Research Informs, Testing Confirms

Interpretive Design Methodologies Apply to Wayfinding

The performance metrics associated with exhibit and wayfinding evaluation, research and concept development.

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Wayfinding and mapping the visitor experience

Mapping the Visitor Experience

Wayfinding Best Practice: Map Design

Visitors… Captive audience or trapped in their environment?

Your doors are open and you have visitors. Congratulations! You have managed to break through the plethora of entertainment, edutainment and cultural choices. For the duration of their time with you, your visitors are a captive audience. But do they feel trapped?

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