New Museum at the National Shrine of Saint John Neumann

May 28, 2019

Gecko Group is pleased to have been part of a remarkable new exhibit project. Nestled in Philadelphia, within Saint Peter the Apostle Church is the National Shrine to Saint John Neumann. The Shrine has just completed a renovation project that has been years in the making. Part of this exciting renovation included a new 2,300 square foot exhibit all about the life of Saint John Neumann. Gecko Group was brought on board to develop, design, and manage fabrication of the exhibits. 

The exhibit tells the remarkable story of John Neumann. Born in Bohemia, now the Czech Republic, Neumann found his calling to religious life early, and devoted himself whole-heartedly to serving God and his fellow people. Seeking the life of a missionary, Neumann came to the United States, found a home within the Redemptorist order of priests, and eventually became Bishop of Philadelphia. Neumann’s life was sadly cut short, but his impacts and intercessions are still felt today. The exhibit presents his influence on Catholic life and education, as well as his confirmation as a Saint.

Working in collaboration with the Redemptorist priests at the Shrine, as well as the Shrine’s archivist, Gecko Group were able to create a compelling, engaging, and moving story of an extraordinary man. Using objects from Neumann’s life, stunning visuals, and many quotes taken directly from the Saint, the exhibit invites people of all faiths to come in and meet Saint John Neumann.

You can see this beautiful exhibit now in Philadelphia.

Exhibit At A Glance:

  • Over 100 objects and archival pieces to help tell our story
  • Over 100 graphics, including large-scale reproductions of stained glass panels to create a sense of place and reverence for the visitor
  • Three multimedia components that enable visitors to engage more deeply with the content

Gecko Group would like to recognize our partnership with Universal Services Associates, who collaborated with us on this project and provided exhibit fabrication, graphics production, and installation.

Multimedia Touchscreen Interactive Design:

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