Uncovering the Complex Story of Sumatra’s Disappearing Tigers

May 29, 2019

2020 AZA Top Honors Exhibit Award

Gecko Group is pleased to share one of our most recent exhibits. Opening at the Nashville Zoo, Tiger Crossroads tells the compelling story of Sumatra’s endangered tigers. The exhibit confronts visitors with people’s roles as both destroyer and protector of tigers and their habitats. It presents some of the biggest threats to Sumatran tiger survival. It shares stories of hope and successes for tiger conservation, and human-tiger coexistence.

Gecko Group developed and designed a spectacular immersive exhibit experience. The exhibit integrates seamlessly into the architectural details of the Indonesian-style buildings. Bold, striking visuals coupled with strong content help convey messages quickly. More detailed information provides insights for visitors wanting to learn more. Hands-on , tactile interactive elements are mixed with high tech digital components to appeal to a wide range of interests and learning styles. Engaging interactive panels help visitors learn about tiger adaptations, and threats from poaching. Calls to action encourage visitors to help save these remarkable creatures.

You can visit Tiger Crossroads now at the Nashville Zoo!

Download the case study>

Exhibit At A Glance:

  • Exquisitely designed interiors incorporating content, imagery, and more
  • Over 60 linear feet of wall to wall interpretive graphics
  • Wooden panels, intricately carved with quotes and Sumatran-inspired designs
  • Larger-than-life tiger projection introduction video
  • 12 interactive flip panels on tiger adaptations and poaching
  • Multimedia kiosk exploring threats from Palm Oil production
  • Elaborate donor recognition design carved in concrete, wood, and foam

Gecko Group would like to recognize our partnership with Universal Services Associates, who collaborated with us on this project and provided exhibit fabrication, graphics production, and installation.

Exhibit Entrance Projection Film:

Concept and direction by Gecko Group. Animation and projection mapping by Klip Collective.

Exhibit Design:

Space planning, content development, exhibit design, graphic design, and interactive design by Gecko Group.

Above image courtesy www.zoochat.com / Moebelle, 30 May 2019

Multimedia Touchscreen Interactive Design:

Content development, graphic design, and programming by Gecko Group.

Exhibit Title, Donor Recognition, and Building Design

Carved concrete exhibit title and donor recognition by Gecko Group. Architecture by The Portico Group. Decorative finishes by JGA.

Above image courtesy www.zoochat.com / Moebelle, 30 May 2019

Above image courtesy www.zoochat.com / Moebelle, 30 May 2019

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