Academy of Natural Sciences Wayfinding

The Academy of Natural Sciences had long had a problem with their visitor’s being unable to navigate their way around the museum to locate exhibits and key amenities. This confusion was complicated by the unusual structure of the building which had expanded and evolved over time leaving egress to certain exhibits difficult to find. Gecko Group did a comprehensive analysis with the ANS team to establish the key pain points of navigation. This analysis lead to not only a museum wide wayfinding program but also the naming of key points in the building to help visitors find the correct elevator access to upper and lower exhibits.

In addition, an exhibits and floor key resided at each elevator entry with the opportunity to promote events and amenities on the interior of the elevator.

The design was inspired by the rich collection of species illustrations that ANS owns making it subtle and specific to their unique experience.

The Academy of Natural Sciences

Site analysis and assessment
Wayfinding Design and Implementation
Fabrication Management

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